Two Often Neglected Dangers Of Leaving Cats At Home Alone While On Vacation

The long-awaited date to head out on vacation has arrived. Your bags are packed, the tickets are purchased, and you are more than ready to go. Just when you are ready to head out the door, Mr. or Ms. Kitty comes twirling around your feet and it hits you: What are you gonna do about the cat while you're away? 

If you are like a lot of pet parents, you will simply freshen up the litter pan, put out a few extra bowls of water, and make sure your cat has plenty of access to food. After all, cats are pretty self-sufficient, right? Unfortunately, this train of thought can have you coming back from vacation to a disaster. Check out these two often neglected dangers of leaving cats at home alone while you are away. 

Cats can run out of food very quickly. 

Felines in the wild eat food as it is available. This means that if they happen to capture a massive meaty meal, they will gorge themselves on that food for hours because it may be the last meal they get for a while. It is a little-known fact that this same behavior can be witnessed with most ordinary housecats. You may leave what you believe to be an ample amount of food available, but your cat could easily chow all of that down within the first few days of them being at home alone. Therefore, it can be very hard to ensure they will have enough food to last them for anything more than a few days. 

Cats are curious enough to get themselves into major trouble. 

Chasing a mini-blind string because it twitches with the breeze of a fan, poking a nose into an open cabinet, and slapping at a electrical cord because, well, it is there—all of these are common cat behaviors. While these fun little quirky behaviors may give you a laugh when you're at home, while you are away on vacation, your cat could get itself into trouble. Cats really do need a certain level of supervision because their curiosity could indeed kill them if there is no human around to come to the rescue. 

Before you skip off on your merry way with a suitcase and big dreams of vacation on your mind, it is always a better idea to ensure your kitty has someone looking out for it. Contact a cat boarding facility near you to schedule an extended stay for your pet while you are away.