Boarding Your Cat While You Are Away From Home

A well-appointed cat boarding facility can be a great place to leave your cat when you cannot take care of them at home. Many cat boarding facilities are available for both day care and night care. These cat boarding facilities can have daily organized activities for your cat that will entertain and amuse them while you are away. Here are some features of a good cat boarding facility: 

Private Room With A Window:  Your cat can be given a small room where he or she can sleep or relax alone without the presence of any other cats. Look for a cat boarding facility that has many windows so that your cat can look outside and see birds, squirrels, and other wildlife. This view can be entertaining for your cat while they are comfortable and secure in their own room. 

Family Room With A Window:  If you have more than one cat, a good cat boarding facility can board all of your cats together in the same room. This familiarity can be very comforting to your cats while they are away from home. This arrangement is especially good for young kittens that may be litter mates. A viewing window to the outdoors is also important for multiple cats of the same family. 

Cleanliness:  Look for a cat boarding facility that is very clean, orderly, and well staffed. All individual cat rooms with cat boxes should be cleaned several times a day. A good cat boarding facility should not have any cat odors or the smell of air fresheners or room deodorizers. 

Cat Cams:  Many cat daycare and boarding facilities will install cat cams in all of the rooms where your cat sleeps or plays. You can view one or more of these cat cams on your cell phone or computer to get a real-time view of what your cat is doing at that particular moment. This is especially helpful when you are boarding your cat for several days and nights. 

Cat Veterinary Care:  A good cat boarding facility will have a veterinarian on staff should your cat become listless or sick while there. This vet should be able to have access to your cat's past health records at their regular veterinary clinic if needed. When you bring your cat to the boarding facility, inform the staff of any ongoing health conditions, allergies, or other problems that your cat may have, so that they can know how to deal with any situation that may arise. 

Your cat is a member of your family and you want them to be well-taken care of while you are away. A good cat boarding facility can take care of your cat and keep you informed of your cat's welfare and daily activities while you are away. This important communication can make sure that your cat is healthy, rested, and happy to see you, when you are able to go home together.  

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