Waterfowl Dog Hunting Supplies

When you are hunting ducks and geese, there is no hunting partner as valuable as your dog. What other hunting partner is willing to jump into a freezing cold lake and retrieve your birds. A good bird dog is worth their weight in gold. However, it can be painful to see how these dogs are mistreated. Often they are mistreated out of ignorance. They know that dogs are tough and so they do not provide them with the necessary equipment to keep them health. Your dog is very tough, but it needs to be treated properly. Here are a few different pieces of equipment that will help you take care of your dog.

Insulated Kennel

When you are driving to and from your hunting locations it is important to remember your canine hunting partner. There is a good chance that the temperature is going to be sub freezing. It is not fair to a dog to be outside in that type of temperature with the wind chill. One of the very best pieces of equipment that you can buy your dog is an insulated dog kennel. These kennels will provide your dog with the necessary protection from the cold and the wind. 


A neoprene vest is going to accomplish two very important roles for your dog. The first thing that a neoprene vest will do for your dog is insulate during the cold winter hunts. This is especially important if your dog is going to be jumping in water to retrieve any waterfowl. The other aspect of hunting that a vest will help your dog with is safety. There can be all sorts of different debris in the water or in a field. A vest is going to protect your dog from a lot of different harmful debris. 


One of your dogs biggest assets are their feet. Retrievers will have webbed feet to help them swim, and their pads are thick to help them run on rough terrain. However, when there is snow and frost on the ground, the terrain can be very dangerous for a dog's feet. The ground can be very sharp and very hard. It is not uncommon to see your dog's feet bleeding. This is why it is important to get your dog a pair of simple neoprene hunting shoes. The shoes will protect your dog's feet from all of the frost and sharp objects on the ground. 

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