Tips To Make Sure That Your Yorkie Does Not Develop Food Issues

If you have been looking at yorkie puppies for sale lately, then you should know that these dogs are typically quite healthy. However, yorkies are known for their finicky eating habits and their digestive issues. While this is true, there are a few simple things that you can do to make sure that issues do not develop. Keep reading to learn about about them.

Feed The Same Food

Some people like to switch between brands of dog food based on what may be on sale at the time. While this may save you a few bucks, it is not a good choice when feeding your pup. Changes in food can cause dogs to become quite finicky. Also, it can cause digestive issues in sensitive dogs. This is what happens when you have a yorkie. If you do change food, you should expect diarrhea issues and possibly constipation. Both of these ailments can easily contribute to a loss of appetite and the perceived fickleness when it comes to food. 

You should start off with a good quality food that your dog enjoys and stick with it. A small kibble food that is easy for your dog to eat is best and the food should contain a good deal of protein. Look for foods that are both low in carbohydrates and fat. 

Once you purchase the correct food, either provide servings three to five times a day or fill a bowl and allow for free feeding. This is best to make sure that blood sugar levels do not fall, since this is a common issue that can develop with yorkies.

Do Not Offer People Food

Pet owners love to give their dogs treats and this sometimes means offering a bite or two of people food. You probably know by now that dogs like people food. They like it for many of the same reasons that we do. It often contains a good deal of sugar, salt, fat, and calories. While these things are appetizing, they are not good for your dog.

Since dogs like yorkies are more likely to be finicky eaters, the simple act of giving your dog people food can make him crave it and turn his nose up and the dog chow. 

Instead of introducing your dog to people food, try to give your yorkie healthy treats instead. Vegetables that include carrots, cucumbers, celery, and asparagus are a few people foods that are more than acceptable treats for your dog. 

You can also provide treats that are meant for dogs, but provide only one or two a day or your yorkie may prefer the treats over the dog food.