3 Things To Do Before You Bring Your Puppy Home

Choosing the puppy that you want to own is just the first step. You need to have a plan for introducing your puppy to your home.

#1 Assign Tasks As A Family

Before you bring the puppy home, you need to sit down with your family. Together as a family, you need to decide what each of your commitments will be to the puppy. Who is the person who is going to be the primary caregiver for the puppy? Who is going to be in charge of feeding the dog? Who is going to be in charge of taking the puppy for a walk each day? Who is going to be in charge of potty training the puppy?

Work together as a family to determine how you will approach potty training and teaching your puppy. Create a list of tasks that each individual is going to be responsible for. This will make it easier to know what to do when your puppy gets home.

Also, make sure that you clearly define the rules of your home. Is the dog allowed on the furniture? Are there rooms that the dog can go into and can't go into? Make sure that everyone is clear on where the dog is allowed and where he is not allowed.

#2 Purchase The Right Supplies

Next, you need to make sure that you have the right supplies for the puppy. To start with, you need a crate for your puppy so you can transport that puppy home. You can also crate train the puppy, which is a way of potty training your puppy and teaching it to be okay with being left alone.

You also need to get a soft bed for your puppy that will keep them comfortable and warm. You will also need food and water bowls, as well as food for your puppy. Finally, you'll want to make sure that you have a collar and a leash for your new puppy.

#3 Find A Vet

Finally, you need to find a vet to take your puppy to. Call around and see if there are vets that are accepting new patients. Make an appointment to take your puppy to the vet as soon as possible once you get your puppy. You want to start your puppy on its immunizations right away, and you want to make sure that your puppy has a clean bill of health

Before you bring your puppy home, you need to find a vet to treat your puppy and make sure that you purchase the right supplies to take care of your puppy. You also need to define the rules for the puppy and who is responsible for the puppy with your family. Contact a breeder that has coton puppies for sale for more information and assistance.