It's The Cat's Meow: Three Things You Can Do To Make Your Yard Safe For Your Cat

If your cat loves to spend time outside, it is important to take steps to transform your yard into a safe spot for your feline friend. Danger is possibly lurking around every corner; you don't want your cat's love of the great outdoors to ever cause harm to your feline friend. By following these three tips, you can keep your cat safe during outside time.

1. Check the Vegetation in the Area That Your Cat Will Frequent

Cats love to chew and possibly eat plants and grass when they are outside. It is important to make sure that any vegetation that your cat will have access to is non-toxic. Even if a plant is not necessarily poisonous to your cat, be aware that it may cause stomach problems, such as vomiting or diarrhea. When in doubt, move the plant to an area that your cat will not have access to.

If you want to add additional vegetation for your cat to feast upon, there are some plants that you can safely let your cat eat. Some possibilities include wheat grass, lemon grass, and spider plants.

2. Install a Physical Barrier

A physical barrier is a must-have addition to your cat's outside area. Not only will a physical barrier keep your cat in its designated area, but it will keep predators out of your yard. However, unless the area is completely enclosed, you should still monitor your cat when outside to see that it is safe.

One option for a physical barrier is to build cat fences. Cat fences consist of materials that your cat is unable to climb, and typically include cat fence gates for easy access. Many designs also include an overhang that prevents particularly agile felines from jumping over the walls. Be aware that flying predators, such as hawks, can still make their way into your yard.

If you want to leave kitty outside unattended, you can select a fence design that incorporates a ceiling. You can choose open materials that will still permit kitty to enjoy the sunshine while keeping other wildlife out.

You may want a solid ceiling in some areas to protect kitty from a passing rainstorm or to give your cat additional shade on sunny days. Feel free to mix and match different ceiling materials for your fence so that it exactly suits your needs.

3. Hide Any Electrical Wires

Examine the perimeter of your yard for any exposed electrical wires. Some cats view wires as toys. One option is to have any exposed wires safely buried under ground. If this isn't an option, an alternative is to outfit the wires with a protective covering that keeps your kitty from chewing on them or playing with them.