Considering A Pet Snake? 3 Great Options For Beginners

Bringing a pet into your home and family's lives can be a wonderful thing. While many opt for dogs, cats, or even gerbils, some families are choosing to grow by bringing a snake into their home. Not only are they simple and easy to care for, but snakes can also be fun additions to your household and family's life. Of course, there are many different snake species available, so choosing one can be overwhelming. If you and your family are considering a pet snake, here are a few great options.

Corn Snake

A corn snake is a great option for beginners because of a few reasons. This snake is gentle and easy to care for. In addition, the corn snake does not grow very large. On average, corn snakes grow up to 5 or maybe 6 feet long.

If you have children or anyone in the family who is fearful of snakes, the corn snake is a good option. They are gentle, making them easy to handle.

When choosing a cage for your new family member, make sure to choose a solid cage with a tight lid. These snakes do enjoy pushing up on the lid of their cages in an attempt to escape, so the lid must be tight and secure.

Feeding corn snakes is also simple. Young corn snakes only need to be fed a few times per week. Adult corn snakes require feeding once a week. Prekilled mice are best. If your corn snake is larger, a prekilled rat may be a better option.

Ball Python

The ball python is another great snake to consider. These snakes are also easy to handle because they are quite shy and gentle. Although their size would not be considered massive, ball pythons are larger than corn snakes and other common pet snakes.

One interesting fact about the ball python is they live longer than most other common pet snakes. On average, ball pythons will live for 30 years, but some have been known to live up to 40 years. Because of their long lifespan, getting a ball python is a long-term commitment.

When choosing an enclosure for your ball python, make sure it will help you maintain a proper humidity level. Ball pythons need moisture because they are accustomed to habitats with higher levels of humidity. Therefore, an enclosure with a screen top may not be ideal because moisture will seep out of the screen opening.

Ball pythons also prefer a habit with hiding spots. Place a hiding box of some sort on each side of the snake's enclosure. A flowerpot, a hollow piece of wood, or another prefabricated box will allow your python to hide when preferred.

California Kingsnake

The California kingsnake is also a popular snake for anyone who is just starting out with reptiles. The kingsnake will attack and eat other snakes, so they are not suited for households who plan to have multiple pet snakes or other pet reptiles.

Most reptile owners love the size of these snakes because they do not grow too long. In most cases, they will never grow to a point where they require a larger cage/enclosure. A screen top is sufficient for these snakes since they lack any desire to escape or peek out of their habits.

They do require a good amount of handling if you want them to stay acclimated and docile, though. Make sure to take your California kingsnake out frequently to handle, reducing any temperament changes.

With proper research and planning, you can choose the right pet snake for your home and family. This guide will help you understand a few of the most common snakes people choose as pets.

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