3 Reasons Your Vet May Send You To A Vet Hospital

When you have a pet, you want to make are that you are taking care of them so that they are as healthy as possible. That means taking them to the vet regularly so that they can get checked out. But sometimes, your vet may recommend that you take your pet to a vet hospital instead of bringing them into their office. There are several reasons that your vet may do this. The biggest one is that your pet may be more ill than your vet's office can handle, and a hospital setting may be the best place for them to get the treatment that they need. There are several things that a vet hospital can do for your pet. 


One thing that they can do is advanced imaging. Your vet's office likely has a basic x-ray setup, which will let them do things like diagnose a broken bone or try to find a foreign body, but most veterinarians can't afford to go with a full MRI setup or permanent ultrasound facilities. Those things are expensive and take up a lot of space. If your pet requires that kind of advanced imaging, your vet may refer you over to the hospital so that the imaging can get done and then sent back to your vet. 


If your pet needs to have specialized surgery, that may be something that is beyond the facilities your vet's office has or their capabilities. For example, if your pet needs to have some orthopedic surgery done on a joint, that may be something that your vet doesn't feel comfortable with, so they may recommend you go to a vet hospital that has an orthopedic surgeon on staff so that they can do the surgery. 

Specialized Treatments

If your dog or cat has something like cancer and you are treating it, you may have to take them to the vet hospital instead of your vet's office so that the chemotherapy can be administered and monitored safely. Some of the medications used in chemo are very carefully controlled, which can mean that not all facilities have access to them, which can mean that the only that your pet is going to get that particular medication is for them to go to a vet hospital that does have access to those medications. 

If you have a pet that you are trying to get healthy, your vet may occasionally suggest that you go to an animal care hospital instead of coming to their office.