About The Ragdoll Cat Breed

If you want to get a kitten, then you may want to find a kitten that looks a certain way or that is known for having certain characteristics. One beautiful type of cat that can bring a lot of wonderful things into your household is the Ragdoll cat. Here are some things about Ragdoll kittens and cats that you can consider to see if this is the breed that you should look for. 

Ragdoll cats are stunning according to most people's standards

Ragdolls are cats that have a very soft coat of medium-longish length fur. They are known for their beautiful light-blue colored eyes and they can come in many different colors including lilac, blue, mink, cream, orange, red, and even tortoiseshell. A large number of Ragdolls will have coats that are color-pointed. They tend to be very large cats as well. Their beautiful coats and impressive sizes make them cats that people immediately notice and appreciate. 

Ragdolls are considered to be very affectionate cats

While there are exceptions to just about every rule, Ragdoll cats are known for being very loving and often overly affectionate cats. They are often seen following after their people and jumping up on their laps to cuddle the first chance they get. The breed is also known for being calm and very gentle, making them a good choice for many families. This breed of cat is also thought of by many to be a big help to people who suffer from issues like depression or anxiety because they often seem to have a sense with regards to recognizing the emotional needs of their people and will often give them some extra attention when they are feeling down or anxious, helping to make them feel better and lightening their mood. 

Ragdolls tend to be emotionally low-maintenance cats

While Ragdolls are friendly and loving cats that like to be close to their people and crave attention, they tend to manage to get that attention without being a high-maintenance breed. While they will jump on their person's lap or curl up next to them on the bed, they aren't known for being a loud, overly clingy, or destructive breed that acts out when they want something. 


If you want a beautiful cat that won't run from you when you want to hold or pet it and that likely won't scratch you when it's done being held, then you should consider a Ragdoll.