Adopting A New Dog? Everything You Need To Know About Maltipoo Puppies

If you are looking to adopt a new dog, then you may be deciding exactly what dog breed is best for you and your family. One small dog that makes a great family companion is the Maltipoo. Maltipoo puppies are bred by mating a poodle with a Maltese dog. When two purebred dogs are cross-bred, a hybrid breed is created that is considered to have some of the best traits of each individual breed. 

Read on to learn more about Maltipoo puppies, including their unique personality traits and other important facts your should know before you adopt one. 

Maltipoos Have High Social Needs

Maltipoo puppies are considered highly sensitive dogs that do not like being left alone for extended periods of time. Instead, they desire the near-constant companionship of humans of all ages. When left alone for too long, these dogs can develop separation anxiety. 

For this reason, you may want to think twice about adopting a Maltipoo puppy if you live alone and work long hours every day. However, if you have a large family that will give your new dog lots of attention and/or enjoy spending most of your day with a dog companion, then a Maltipoo puppy may be perfect for you. 

In addition, Maltipoos tend to get along well with other dogs, so they make great additions to households where one or more dogs already live. 

Maltipoos Are Considered Low-Shed, Hypo-Allergenic Dogs

While the most common Maltipoo color is white, these dogs can also have gold, gray, apricot, or even black coats. Some Maltipoos even have bi-color, tri-color, or merle coats. Maltipoo hair texture ranges from silky and straight to very curly. However, no matter what coat color and texture your Maltipoo has, you can look forward to little to no hair shedding. In addition, these dogs are considered to have hypo-allergenic coats. 

However, to keep a Maltipoo's coat tangle-free, an owner must typically brush it about once a day; if this daily brushing is neglected, these dogs can develop matts relatively quickly. 

These Dogs are Easy to Train 

Maltipoos are considered extremely intelligent dogs, which, along with their eagerness to please their owners, make them easy dogs to train. For this reason, this is a great dog breed for your family if you would like a dog that is not only obedient but also has the aptitude to learn tricks more quickly than some other dog breeds. 

If you would like to add a new dog to your family, then consider these Maltipoo breed facts when deciding if a Maltipoo puppy is right for your family or not.