Things To Know Before Bringing Home A GSD Puppy

German shepherd dogs have such a presence. These dogs, who are bred to be working dogs, bond with and protect their families. Bring one home as a puppy, and you will soon fall in love with them. However, because GSDs are large dogs and can be aggressive when not handled properly, there are a few things you should know before bringing home your GSD pup.

There are American-bred and German-bred lines.

German shepherds are fairly easy to find in the United States. There are two primary "types" that you'll see for sale. The first type is descended from dogs that were brought over to the United States generations ago. These pups tend to be more slender in stature and more assertive in nature, as they have largely been bred to be show dogs and police dogs. Then, there are dogs that are descended more directly from German bloodlines. This type tends to be a little stockier with quieter personalities. If you're primarily looking for a pet, you'll likely want a puppy with German bloodlines. If you want more of a guard dog, then a pup with American bloodlines may be ideal.

These pups need formal training.

GSDs have an instinct to protect, and they have a lot of energy. They need to be trained to protect responsibly and to contain their energy when they are young. So, you want to arrange for formal training with your GSD pup soon after you bring them home. Have some puppy classes lined up, or find a trainer who is willing to come to your home. 

These pups grow quickly.

They're tiny balls of fur that fit in your arms one week, and big teenage dogs the next. Make sure your home is prepared for a pup who is going to grow. Move breakable items off of end tables. Put away items you don't want them to grab and chew. Also make sure you are prepared to buy larger dog beds, a larger crate, and bigger collar, and other larger items as your pup grows rapidly. Their puppy-size things won't fit them for long.

Armed with this knowledge, you are now better equipped to choose and bring home a GSD pup. If you love the puppy, expose it to lots of things and people, and invest in early training, then you should have plenty of happy years together. Good luck, and enjoy the journey. 

For more information, contact a local breeder who has german shepherd puppies for sale